Heterocycles Award

In recognition of an outstanding oral presentation at the Congress of Heterocyclic Chemistry

Alphabetical order
2016, 46th Congress of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Kanazawa Theater, Kanazawa, Japan
Yuki Higuchi
Title: Carboxylation Reactions with CO2 via a Nucleophilic Allylpalladium Species

Yuki Higuchi was born in 1989 in Hokkaido. He graduated in 2012 and received his M.S. degree in 2014 from Hokkaido University under the direction of Prof. Yoshihiro Sato. Presently, he is pursuing Ph.D. degree at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokkaido University, under the supervision of Prof. Yoshihiro Sato. His research interest includes the development of novel carboxylation reactions using carbon dioxide as a C1 source and new synthetic methods for the construction of heterocyclic compounds.
Awards: (1) Outstanding Student Presentation Award in the 138th Regular Meeting of Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Hokkaido Branch in 2012 (2) Best Discussion Award in the Medicinal Chemistry Forum 2013 in 2013 (3) Best Discussion Award in the 26th Banyu Sapporo Symposium in 2014
Wen-Yu Huang
Title: Synthetic Study on Lycojapodine A

Wen-Yu Huang was born in China, July 2nd 1988. Now he is a Ph.D. student under the instruction of Prof. Toshio Nishikawa in Graduate School of Bio-agricultural Sciences, Nagoya University, Japan (2014–present). His research includes developing novel reactions and natural products syntheses.
Tomohiro Meguro
Title: Convergent Multicomponent Assembly Using a Thiophene S,S-Dioxide Platform

Tomohiro Meguro was born in 1991. He is a first year Ph. D. student in Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, working with Prof. Takamitsu Hosoya. His research interests include orthogonal click chemistry for chemical biology.
Akira Ohnishi
Title: Enantio- and Diastereoselective Synthesis of Benzoxasiloles Catalyzed by Ni(0)

Akira Ohnishi was born in 1990 in Nara. He is a graduate student in Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University, working with Prof. Sensuke Ogoshi. His research interests are focused on the enantioselective synthesis, especially nickel-catalyzed enantioselective synthesis of chiral silicon and carbon center and their applications for drugs, agricultural chemicals, and chemical materials.
Naoki Yasukawa
Title: Palladium on Carbon-Catalyzed Oxygen Oxidation of Aromatic Cyclic Acetals

Naoki Yasukawa was born in 1993 in Aichi, Japan. He is a second year Master course student, the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Gifu Pharmaceutical University, working with Prof. Hironao Sajiki and Prof. Yoshinari Sawama. His research interest includes the development of green sustainable reaction with novel chemoselectivity using heterogeneous catalysts.
2015, 45th Congress of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Waseda University, Tokyo
Yukihiro Fukata
Title: Facile Net Cycloaddition Approach to Optically Active 1,5-Benzothiazepines

Yukihiro Fukata was born in 1989 in Kagawa, Japan. He is a Ph.D. student in Department of Material Chemistry, Guraduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan (2013–present), working with Prof. Seijiro Matsubara. His research interest includes the development of novel organocatalytic enantioselective hetero-Michael addition reactions, and the synthesis of chiral heterocyclic compounds was also included. He received CSJ Student Presentation Award 2015 at the 95th CSJ Annual Meeting.
Moemi Kondoh
Title: Pd(II)-Catalyzed Directing Group-Mediated Arylation of C(sp3)-H on Cyclopropanes; Synthesis of Optically Active Tri- and Ttra-Substituted Arylcyclopropanes

Moemi Kondoh was born in 1992 in Hokkaido. She is a graduate student in her first year Master’s degree in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science at Hokkaido University working with Prof. Satoshi Shuto. Her research interests are focused on the design and synthesis of small molecular as drug candidates.
Masato Kono
Title: A General Approach to Nitrogen-Bridged Bicyclic Frameworks by Rh-Catalyzed Formal Carbenoid Insertion into an Amide C-N Bond

Masato Kono was born in 1991 in Ibaraki. He is a second year Master course student in the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University, working with Prof. Tetsuhiro Nemoto. His research interests include development of synthetic methodologies, especially transition metal-catalyzed reactions, and their applications in total syntheses of natural products.
Shoma Mizutani
Title: Total Synthesis of Natural Lactams by Darzens Condensation

Shoma Mizutani was born in 1990 in Mie. He is a second year M. S. student in Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Kyoto Prefectural University, working with Professor Kouji Kuramochi and Professor Kazunori Tsubaki. His research interests include bioinspired synthesis of natural products and development of efficient methods for construction of heterocyclic systems. He received a poster award from the Pesticide Design Committee of the Pesticide Science Society of Japan in 2015.
Hikaru Yoshimura
Title: Total Synthesis of Tirandalydigin

Yoshimura Hikaru was born in 1989. He is a second year Ph. D. student under the supervision of Prof. Susumi Hatakeyama in the Graduate school of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki University and works as a Research Fellowship for Young Scientists from 2015. His research interests include the synthesis of biologically active natural products and development of a new synthetic methodology by utilizing organocatalysts.
Awards: (1) Best Poster Prize in the 1st International Conference & 6th Symposium on Organocatalysis in 2013, (2) Excellent Oral Presentation Award in the 30th Conference of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Kyushu Branch in 2013, (3) President Award from Nagasaki University in 2014, (4) Poster Prize in the 31st Organic Synthetic Seminar in 2014, (5) Best Discussion Award in the 25th Memorial Banyu Fukuoka Symposium in 2015